Troy Cassar Daley - Born To Survive chords

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[INTRO]		 [F#m] [A] [Dadd9]   [F#m]  [A]   [Dadd9]
There's an [F#m] old John Deere under [A] neath a tree
[Dadd9] 500 acres, my dad and me [F#m] worked this land [A] until we hurt
[Dadd9] Trying to make a living out of plain old dirt [F#m] [A] [Dadd9]

Well he [F#m] didn't say nothin' when [A] momma left
[Dadd9] just kept his feelings to himself
His [F#m] pride was hurt, his [A] heart was broke
he [Dadd9] sits and he rolls another smoke
Said [E] Son, this is all I [D] know [E] and I guess it goes to [D] show.. He [Esus] said

We were [A] born to survive [E] outback life, [Bm] generations of [D] toil and strife
[A] We don't [E] know any other [D] way
When the [A] sun beats down [E] so damn hard 
It's [Bm] 40 degrees in the [D] holding yard
Got a [A] 303 and [E] four wheel drive
Livin' out here we were born to survive... born to survive

Well a [F#m]  friend of mine named [A]  Willy Grace 
[Dadd9] held an auction at his old place
The [F#m]  crowd gathered at a [A]  quarter to three 
And [Dadd9] walked away with his memories
But [E] something keeps him hanging [A] on, [E] even when all hope is [D] gone
he'd say... [Repeat CHORUS]		[E]  [D]  [E]  [D]  [E]	    [INSTRUMENTAL]		
[Repeat CHORUS]		[F#m]  [A]  [Dadd9]	[F#m]  [A]  [Dadd9]	[F#m]
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