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Truckstop Honeymoon - Magnolia Tree tab

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Verse 1
D				     G	     D
Coz I love you so much and youíre so good to me
			A     Bm
Iím going to plant a Magnolia Tree.
D			G	    D
It will grow tall, and we will grow old.
		      A	       Bm
Then I will dig us a deep wide hole
    G	     D
The Magnolia Tree

Verse 2
I will go first and then you will join me
There in the shade of the Magnolia Tree
You in a dress, and me in a suit
We will lie together in the tangled root
The Magnolia Tree

Verse 3
And our flesh will rot but our bones will not scatter
The roots of that tree, will bind us together
In life we are married by preacher and church
In death we will be married in rich black earth 
The Magnolia Tree

Verse 4
And when we are gone, our children will come
In the poring rain and the burning sun
They will find comfort in our memory
Shade and shelter under that tree
The Magnolia Tree

Solo is played same as the verse

Repeat Verse 1 then play solo and fade out

Hint: When playing the D chord alternate the bass note with D and A string
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