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Truckstop Honeymoon - Delivery Boy tab

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Truckstop Honeymoon - Delivery Boy
Tabbed by: Danny Halstead


strum open strings and hammer on an "A" chord in 1st position for several bars.

Verse 1 and Chorus:
Well he rides around town on a '68 Schwinn
       D                            E            A
With a basket big enough to fit the whole world in
      D             E
The sight of him, fills me with Joy
A                               D       E      A
I'm in love (in love) with a bicycle delivery boy
      D       E     A
a bicycle delivery boy

Verse 2:
       E                       A
Got a pair of handle bars, a button on his seat
     D                 E              A
Big bears on a bag*, where I put my feet
D                       E
When the time comes and he chooses me
       D                E
I will go with him on a delivery -> CHORUS

Verse 3:
       E                          A
Well he goes the wrong way down a one way street
D                             E      A
Jumps the curb and knocks me off my feet
         D                E
He's a real outlaw like Jesse James
        D                       E
But he don't rob banks and he don't rob trains -> CHORUS

Verse 4:
     E                          A
He used to be something down in Hollywood
D                                      E           A
I don't know what he were in, but it must've been good
D               E
He's gone onto better things
D                          E
Look at him go there's no catching him -> CHORUS


A                               D       E      A
I'm in love (in love) with a bicycle delivery boy

* Cannot decipher these lyrics!
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