Truly - I Hit Ignition chords

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Truly - I hit ignition (Link to Truly )

A truly great song by another very talented band from Seattle. Call it grunge if you like.
Not very challenging to play, but often simple things are best! The song is from the 
"Twilight Curtains" from 2000,
a compilation of outtakes and b-sides. I just wonder who considered that song being a 
?! Whatever, enjoy

(Tune Half Step Down)

Em              D
It is never enough

Em		D
When you are. . .

Em		D
Feeling changed . . .

G              D                 E
I know you are just around the corner,

G	        D/A             E
I know you just right down the block

I wish you were . . .

D                  A                      E
I hit ignition and now it is too late to control
I hit ignition and it is crushing out through my soul

. . .
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