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Turbonegro - Babylon Forever tab

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Artist : Turbonegro
Song   : Babylon Forever
Album  : Party Animals
Tuning : EADGBe 
Tabbed : Jefferson Humber

Intro: A, D, F, G (x2)

Ein, Zwei, Drei, Vier
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A                   D
See the girl on the corner
F               G
Waiting for her freight
A                D
See the slow boy waiting for the power
F                 G
Behind the palace gates
A                 D
See the smart kid dead by the tracks
F          G
And nobody cares
A                    D
See the dirty little bitches laying tired
F                G
On the architect stairs

F                     G          A         D
They're stuck in this Babylon forever  (forever)
F                     G
They're stuck in this Babylon 
            D                          E
And they're never gonna find their way home
F                     G          A    D  F G
They're stuck in this Babylon forever
           A     D  F  G
Babylon forever

Then just repeat for the rest of the song......
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