Tv On The Radio - Love Dog chords

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OK first ever tab so be nice.

Standard tuning - No Capo
Listen to song for rhythm

Intro (optional)
- before the Ooh's (I know there aren't actually any chords played here but I find 
it sounds pretty good with these chords added in, 
so take it or leave it)... these chords follow the echoing keyboard notes
i.e. Da-Da-Chord, Da-Da-Chord etc


Intro (Main, The "Ooh's" bit) (00:30)
D-Bm-D-Bm-F#m-A x2 

Verse1 (00:59)
D               Bm
  Lonely little love dog that
D                  Bm
  No one knows the name of
  I know why you cry out
  Desperate and devout

D              Bm
  Timid little teether
    D                Bm
Your eyes set on the ether
Your moon in a bella luna and
  Howling hallelujah

More "Ooh's" - with same chords (01:26)

Verse 2 (01:42)
D              Bm
 Nameless you above me
    D               Bm
Come lay me low and love me
This lonely little love dog
That no one knows the name of
D                 Bm
  Curse me out in free verse
D                Bm
  Wrap me up and reverse this
  Patience is a virtue
Until it's silence burns you
------------------------------ (for this next bit i add 5th fret on the e to
D               Bm              my D chords, again this is optional)          
  And something slow                    
   D           Bm
Has started in me as
  Shameless as an ocean
  Mirrored in devotion

D           Bm
  Something slow
   D              Bm
Has sparked up in me as
 dog cries for a master
 Sparks are whirling faster

More "Ooh's -same chords (02:38)

Verse 3 -same chords (but i stop the 5th fret on the e for D chords) (03:06)      
Lonely little love dog
That no one knows the ways of
Where the land is low is
Where the bones will show through
Lonely little love dog
That no one knows the days of
Where the land is low is
Where the water flows to
And ho-------lds you 

Outro (3:48) - same chords again

end on A

so basically, other than the optional bit at the start its the same chords all the 
way through. 
As I play this just with acoustic guitar I add in the extra bits to make it a bit 
more interesting on its own, but that's just me.
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