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Two Gallants - Git Proud chords

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This a chord interpretation of one of my favourite Two Gallants 
songs, that I really wish they would update and release again 
(as they did with their Dyin' Crapshooter Blues cover, an extra 
track from 'The Bloom and The Blight').

Pretty much the entire song is finger picking, which I'm not all 
that great at, so I figured the best thing for me to is translate 
it into chords, and leave the picking to someone else.

Although, if I were to try to make an interpretation of the picking 
it would look a little something like this:

   G                        C

repeat (x3)
Then into a picking pattern of the D chord variation below.

Now, for the chords used, it's your basic G, C, and D chords, but 
as for the D chord, you can use this variation throughout the song:


(if anyone knows the name of the chord, it would be most helpful)

                     Song:      Git Proud
                   Artist:      Two Gallants
                    Album:      By The Grace Of God (demo)

G                   C
Listen up because I bear the news 
G                          C
And I do my best to counterfeit some blues
G                      C
Or better yet just rearrange some truths
I'll tell you what you need to know I choose
G                         C
Perfection hides inside a diamond ring 
G                                  C
But if it don't shine then I don't need to sing
G                             C
When it does, well that's the word I bring
Pay no mind if it don't mean a thing

C                                        G
But I see fire and a hard rain starts to fall
C                                           G
And humpty dumpty is climbing higher up the wall
C                               G
How he got there I just won't recall
D                C
No I don't smell nothing strange
D                 C
All is clean, its got no stains 
D                          C
Streets are clean while he points the blame 
D                          C
His tricks are new but the bags the same
D                                          G
Time to play that freedom game so just git proud

So hear this because I am the word
Well, I'm the circus act and you're the herd
But if my remedies seem too absurd
You never notice what you never heard
'Cause I can show you how to kill your time
And I can tell you where to spend your dime
And I can weatherman you when it shines
Just listen up and you'll do fine

But I see fire and the heavens leave the sky
And humpty dumpty told me not to tell you why
As if I even had reason to try
So here's a tip from me to you
Fear your neighbor 'cause he fears you
You best act white or he'll tell on you
Freedom rings but not for you
If you don't know what to do then just git proud

G C D (x3)
D (variation)

There was a protest just the other day
A crowd of hoodlums in disarray
Shaking fists every which way
I can't believe they die their hair that way
What they were asking for I won't recall
Some kind of anarchy, the worst of all
Thank god for us they couldn't pass the wall
Big Brother was there standing tall

But I see fire and the roof comes tumbling down
And humpty dumpty got a new star spangled crown
He picks a fight and he twirls his guns around
But all his horses and all his men
Must be good 'cause good must win
But don't you doubt a thing my friend
Just grab your flag and jump right in
You're either with us or your them so you best git proud
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