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Two Guys And A Fella - Big Dt tab

Artist: Two Guys And A Fella
Song: Big D.T.
Album: A Is For Ass

Regular Tuning

All Bar Chords:
Figure 1:  G x4, low E x4, C x4, Dx4
Figure 2: B x8, G x8
Figure 3: D x4, Cx4, G x8
Figure 4: B x4, C x4, Bx4, Gx4

Figure 1 ten times
Figure 2 eight times
Figure 3 four times
[ Tab from: ]
Figure 1 four times
Figure 4 twice
Figure 3 four times

Outro/Last Verse:
Figure 1 x8
End on Bar chord G

Two Guys And A Fella is Awesome!!!

If anyone wants any Two Guys And A Fella bass, guitar, or drum tabs
or lyrics, just email me at

Again... Two Guys And A Fella rocks amazingly hard!!
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