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Tye Tribbett - Take Over chords

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B|--1-1-1-1-----------------1-1-1-1    REPEAT-----------------------------------|

Verse 1: (Verse comes in when the music breaks)
C          Bb
All we want is You
           F                  Dm  C  Bb C
Take over, Take over
C           Bb
'Til we are consumed
      F             Dm          C  Bb   C
(on the last time Before chorus, donít play the C, strum out the Bb)
By nothing, nothing else but You

Dm7  Bb    F     C
Lord, take my mind
Bb     C     Dm7   Bb   F/A   C
Take my heart, take my will
Dm7  C  Bb             Gm7  F  C
I give it all, I want more of You
Dm7 C  Bb         Gm7   F  C
  All  we want is more of You

F                 Eb   Bb Eb   Bb F
Lord take over,  take  over
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