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Tyla J Pallas - Rosary Mozaic chords

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Em                        Am
Harry was the charmer who lead her into town
        D                       B             
He paid homage to her father by shooting him down
Em                                      Am
Strange the way the stars looked as she gazed into the black
        D                                  B
But you knew this man was evil and she was never coming back
Em                               Am
She outlived her welcome and she lost sight of the night
     D                           B
Well you got paid for having sex, the money wasn't yours
Em                                        Am
Your best friend was a dreamer lived in a velvet cocoon of smack
    D                                     B
She knew she was too far down the road to ever make it back

Em     Am     D       B
Rosey, Rosey, Rose

Em                                       Am
You had a friend from beneath the streets, lived on tennants and his wits
     D                                B
He'd kill for you he'd die for you dispose of any threats
Em                                 Am
The moon got lost behind the night, the flash saw the blade cut deep
    D                                      B
The evil man slumped to the ground now the deed was complete
Em                                Am
They vanished into the darkness as quickly as they came
     D                                    B
The smell of death had filled the air as blood ran down the drain
Em     Am             D       Em  Am  D  Em
Rosary Mozaic, Rosary Mozaic
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