Tyla J Pallas - Lament Of Night chords

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[ Em Am D B7 ]

Jackie bought the horse from a shadow in the city
he caught the subway to the darker side of the town
in the neon all the evil look so pretty
he rank stoly on the rocks lit a cigarette as he get down
he rode a horse with a stranger that blew in from his past
he lost sight of the danger it thought it had past
they walked the bitter street the darkness hit
she dissappeared in the streetlife bit 
the body rolled the possessions flowed like wine 
the pulse rate lour the pupils undefined

(duplicate rythm)
All alone, all alone in New York city

Out the shadows a voice did call, 
streetlife scattered gold'n all 
this guys dyin' from an overdose the angels are near, death is close
the voice sent a message to the nearest drugstore
we need some ice the sirens screamed the medics came
and that's all I remember 'till I saw her face

(duplicate rythm)
All alone, all alone in New York city

[ Em D C B7 ]
(low, talking)
Another icon rises to the stants of legend
all the madness that seems to tag along with faine
just becomer another sad ending in a never ending game

[ solo (Em Pentatonic) ]

All alone, all alone in New York city...

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