Tyla J Pallas - Beatifully Insane chords

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*** I think the chords for this one go something like that:


We made love on a sea of broken glasses
Well, i wore your clothes, you wore mine i made you laugh
I painted my self red so you wouldn't feel so blue
you know, what i'm tring to say is

I love you, you're beatifully insane well am i the one to blame?
Oh Beatifully insane, am i the one to blame?

We travel in the same cyclone, we drink the same wine
We smoke the same cigarettes, we endulge in the same crimes
We invent the same stories when lying to fools
We make love in the morning while the rest of the world is being cruel

Well i love you, you're beatifully insane, well am i the one to blame?
Oh, I'm beatifully insane and am i the one to blame?
Beatifully insane, beautifully insane, i love you....

We drive each other crazy ______ the sense of the world
What would i really do if you weren't in my life?
People say we look so good together well shoot it
the choice of a better world
No one else can put it up with us we're beatifully...completely absurb

Well i love you you're beatifully insane......

Well i love you, you steal glasses from a bar, smuggle cocaine in your bra, 
i love you when you hit bouncers in the face, i love you when you completely
wreck the fuckin' place
I love you sweet, i love you when you eat, i love you when you love, when 
you laugh and whe you say...when you wake in the morning to blame me for all 
the things i've ever done...ah honey...

Well i love you.....

You're completly off when you're fuckin' drunk
You're a couple of sandwiches short of a pic nic
Beatifully insane
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