Tyla J Pallas - Another Night In The Life Of A Day chords

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C                                          F
Drinking your fine French cognac, Smoking a long filter cigerette
Playing blackjack with some jugglers
                       F                    C
South of the river, A place called Tooting Bec
C                                         F
I rolled the dice into Soho, scored some grass
                                G                    F
from a cat named Verge, turned out to be pedals from some
                 C       CFGFC
unlucky punters purse.
C                                     F
We paid a Lady Godiva on entry, took the stairs to the second floor
    G                                                 F                     C
We cut through the smoke, the smell of dope and some guy throwing up in the hall.
C                                        F                          
We took a table by the window with some wooden glass in a frame
        G                                     F                 C       CFGFC
I took a slug of nameless vodka, I hit the jukebox, it hit sustained.
C                            F
And a guy looking both ways came right up to me, he said
G                                             F               C
"You sure do look familiar." I said "I'm the guy you used to be."
C                                            F
Well she leaned across the table and she whispered in me ear
There are two places in my bed tonight
         F                    C
One for you and someone else here.
C                                              F
Well I smiled and lit us both a cigerette and one for a passer-by
      G                                                F               C
and before I even noticed we'd rolled the dice in the direction of Eel Pie
C                                      F
I told my story of the goblin and the man in a dress
and the crazy women from Hampstead who caused myself
    F                      C      C
and my friend Jay much distress. Well, we all laughed
and so did the driver, as he took the last of our cash
         G                                        F
via the all night ship in Willesden Lane and the take away
             C    C
in Charing Cross. Well the passer-by happened to
work for vice, and the lady she was on the game
       G                                         F              C
so we all ended up down the local nick with me trying hard to explain
C                   A           F
It's just another night in the life
          G           C
It could only happen to me
C                               F         G            C
It's just another night in the life of a day that you see.

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