Tyler Lyle - Rodanthe chords

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Capo 3


C: 332010
D: 554030/XX0232  (the C-shape sounds a bit better in the first couple of verse lines 
and the intro)
G: 320033
Em: 022000
G/F# 200033

Intro: C - D - G


C                 D                     G
Naked skin, the body bends in the morning sun
C                 D                     G
The best moments are the ones you can't tell anyone
G   G/F#              Em
We heard the front door slam
 C             D
and you let go of my hand
Your daddy chased me round the water
Said "what are you doing with my daughter"
   G                                   C
I said "i'm just doing what the bad boys do
         Em               D                Em          D
sir didn't you used to want to be a bad boy too"


G               D   G
I got sunshine, sunshine
C     G     D
All over me
G               D   G
Brown eyes, blue skies
C     G     D
Are all I see


Time it goes, I suppose, too suddenly
But the things I thing I've lost I find back in the sea
Before the world began
Before you held my hand

Are you married with a family?
Did you move back to Rodanthe?
Do you chase away those bad boys too?
Remember when you used to think you loved a bad boy too?


You had sunshine, sunshine
All over you
Red wine, tan lines
and nothing to prove


G           C            Em       D
One day it might be as good as it was
     G             C
But it'll never be better
      G        C
It'll never be better


Sunshine, sunshine all over me
brown eyes, blue skies
Are all I see
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