Tyler Ward - Mary Song chords

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Mary song by Tyler ward 

CAPO 5. 

I did this tab a bit easier just so you can change the CAPO to 1,2,3,4 or 5. Cause 
the tune is a bit high in this song. Well, i hope you enjoy it.
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Em            C                                 G
She let her hair fall down from the side
             D		   Em
As the tears fell on the sheet
		C	       G
She had given more than who she was
To the world

Em		     C
Will you hold her up
Or let her fall
D			    Em
Or stand strong without withering
	        C			    G
With just a word I will lift you up
    D				     Em
A word of love can change anything

cause you take away
			C		D
please take away my pain
and I need this change
			   C slide up to D
things will never be the same

Em		C		G
he looked her in the eye with passion
		D		Em
he spoke the word that said it all
	       C		       G
no matter what you have done I love you
	D	    E
and ill love you through it all

ill hold you up
cause its tearing you down
		D			Em
some mighty strong flower withering
	       C			   G
with just a word I will lift you up
	     D			     Em
a word of love can change anything

and ill take away
			C slide to D
I will take away your pain
And you need this change
			C slide to D
It wont ever be the same 	    YEAHH!!!

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