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Typecast - Bad News Brown tab

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Intro: F#m-D-E x3, D
       F#m-D-E x3, D

Verse 1:
F#m                           D
  Youíre making this hard for me
F#m                         D
  Iím cleaning the mess Iím in
F#m               D
  Please donít pretend
F#m                               D
  Cause youíre just the same like me

F#m                           D
  What did those angry stares mean?
F#m             D
  I donít understand
F#m                     D
  You told me that Iíve changed
F#m                              D
  But I havenít and youíre still here

Verse 2:
F#m     D                       F#m
  In my heart since youíve been gone
I always think about you
F#m          D                 F#m       D
  Not youíre back I donít know what to do

(Repeat Chorus)

You're still here
You're still here
            D    C#m
You're still here
You're still here
You're still here
            D    E
You're still here

Outro: Do intro chords
I know we can never
be And I know it 
but I donít want to believe
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