Typhoon - The Sickness Unto Death chords

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"Sickness Unto Death"

one of the most well-written songs of all time. it's a shame these guys aren't more
popular than they are… also the song is obviously a lot more complicated than this, these
are just what I've found to be the most basic chord/bass notes to create your own 
interpretation of the song

Capo 2 (all chords relative to capo)

old man in your rocking chair
C                                   Am
you wake up, you've been living alone

after all these years
surrounded by these shards of mirrors
and how'd it get so quiet here,
C                                 Am              C
you wonder, where did everyone go?

F                                       C
you tried so hard to make people remember you for something
Am               C
you were not
F                                     C
and if they so remember you then something else will certainly
Am              C
get forgotten
life is for the living
C                                              Am
i've heard tell that it is while we are young

in the morning sun
you take every year as it comes
but when your life is over
C                                         Am
all those years fold up like an accordion
C                                       F                         G
they collapse just like a broken lung

F                                      C
now i've only got one organ left and this old bag of bones it is
Am               C
failing me
F                           C                       Am                   C
i try to tell people that i'm dying only they don't believe me
F                        C        G
they say we're all dying,
F                        C        G
that we're all dying
F                 C                       Am             C
but if you are dying, why aren't you scared?
why aren't you scared
C       G        C
like i'm scared?

F                                          C
i read somewhere that when you face eternity you face it alone
no matter what you thought
or what you had or you had not
unless you put yourself in God
C                                     Am                  C
but tell me God oh where did you go?

F                                    C
every bitter night into an empty room i plead my case
Am                                   C
every night i pray that in the morning when i wake
F                                       C                             Am
i'll be in a familiar place and find that i'm recovered and i'm sane
and i'll remember everything
F                     C                        Am               C
i'll remember what i was like before that bug bit me

and when i have my childhood back
i'll tear every page out of my book
and place them in an urn
strike a match and watch them burn
then i'll hold the front cover
C                               Am
against the back cover and look
you'll see
F                C  G    C
eternity will smile on me
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