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Tyson Motsenbocker - Until It Lands Part I chords

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Am C/G F

Am         G        C/G      F
Down the coast in little mexico 
Am        C         G
Is where I hid from your disease 
Am         G        C/G      F
My little sister moved back home from the city 
Am         G        F
And it rained and rained and rivers ran the streets 

You told me dying is not what people think 
Not like an ending in the books we love to read 
It's more like finding that the ocean meets the sea 
and there's no line, in between 

D     F
I still need you 
D    F
We still need you 

From Coulee dam to the plains in Wyoming 
Australia is reeling in back far in your wake 
and at our house the coyotes are howling 
wondering if this would be the end of roads 

At 23 you rode your bike from Seattle 
over to Boston at the age that I am now 
I still remember the evening that your mother died 
You were talking to your sister by the stairs. 

I still need you 
We still need you 

1964 you lost your father 
to a drunken handed man behind the wheel 
And now I'm wrestling with a drunken handed God 
waving bullets at the best person I know
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