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U-turn - No Body Loves Me Like You Do tab

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Hi! I want to ddcate this song to d special 
gurl of my lyf! Wel try this one it's d
the best lalo n s mga taong nluv gaya ko....


A        AM7              D
Like a candle burning bright
           E             C#m-F#m
Love is glowing in your eyes
     Bm               E
A flame to light our way
  C#m                 F#m
That burns brighter everyday
  D      C#7   F#m-B7
But now I have you
Bm7       D     E     A (intro)
Nobody loves me like you do

A        AM7           D
Like a leaf upon the wind
   Bm         E       C#m-F#m
I could find no place to land
    Bm               E
I dreamed the hours away
     C#m         F#m     
And wondered everyday
D         C#7   F#m-B7
Do dreams come true
  Bm      D       E      A
Nobody loves me like you do

 D           C#m
What if I'd never met  
 D               C#m
Where would I be right now
  D                  C#7
Funny how life just falls in place
   Bm                    C#m                     
You've touched my heart in places
         D          C#m
 that I never even knew
        Bm          D  E
'Cause nobody loves me like you

A      AM7             D
I was words without a tune
Bm        E           C#m-F#m
I was a song still unsung 
   Bm            E
A poem with know rhyme
   C#m               F#m 
A dancer out out of time
    D     F#m-B7
But now there's you
  Bm                 E
Baby, nobody loves me like you 

Enjoy playing this song!Khaye ILOVEYOU!!!!!!!!!
hope you like this song!take care always!
msgs:I know bka mglet k sken pg gnwa ko 2.hehe
gsto ko lng po na mlman m n mhlga k sken 
at mhal na mhal kta d2 lng me pra sau!!!!!!!!!!
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