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U2 - Ms Sarajevo tab

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Miss Sarajevo - From the Album Original Soundtracks No. 1
by Passengers (Brian Eno and U2)
Tabbed by M.Prados (
A nice song; and not really too difficult.
Listen to album for rhythym;
I'd appreciate it if someone would dredge up
the lyrics for me.


Fm    e --2--        B    e --2------------|
(barre    B --2--        (barre    B --4---|
at 2nd    G --2--        at 2nd    G --4---|
fret)    D --4--        fret)    D --4-----|
    A --4--            A --2---------------|
    E --2--            E --2---------------|

E    e --0--        Ab m    e --4---------|
(open)    B --0--        (barre  B --4----|
    G --1--            at 4th     G --4---|
    D --2--        fret)    D --6---------|
    A --2--            A --6--------------|
    E --0--            E --4--------------|

Repeat Fm B
(I think the Edge plays it string 1 2 3 4 3 4 5 4 5 6 5 6.)


E Fm E Fm Abm

Strummed, bidirectional

The ending fades out on the album;
I recommend just ending on the E.

Suggestions, Corrections, Criticisms, Additions, Insults welcome
M. Prados
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