U2 - In A Little While Live tab

Band: U2
Song: In A Little While - Live From Boston 2001
Tabbed by: T.Piechal (Poland)

As I write earlier, that's the tab for LIVE version of this song. It's a little longer riff,
than in "normal" version. For me quite better ;)

That's the main riff of the song - it's playing at the begging and through the most of the song:


For the rest of the song (and eventually for the second guitar), that's chords:

A            F#m
In a little while
Bm               D
Surely you'll be mine
G                        A
In a little while... I'll be there -----> and for the next verses there
                                           will be the same chords

For the 1st chorus:

Bm    G
D     A

For the rest refrains (2th version):

Bm   G
D    A
Bm   G
D                   A
Slow down my beating heart
Bm                   D
Man dreams one day to fly
A           D             A            D
A man takes a rocket ship into the skies
Bm                            D
He lives on a star that's dying in the night
A                  D      A                 D
And follows in the trail, the scatter of light

(for this moment back to the main chords and riff and later back to the 2th version of chorus)

And that's all! :)
Have a nice time with that warm and wonderful U2 song :)
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