Ub40 - My Way Of Thinking chords

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UB40`s'My Way Of Thinking'was a single only!From 1980.
It can be found on their 1987'The Best Of UB40 Volume One'.
Really simple,Just two Chords on two Guitars!

Guitar One: G=EADGBE  F=EADGBE    Guitar Two: G=EADGBE  F=EADGBE
              xx5787    xx3565                  355433    133211

Intro: G    F    G    F    G    F    G    F

Verse 1:
G               F     G                 F
Give me all you have, All you got to give,
G                         F          G                   F
Save your guilt `till tomorrow,Won`t be that hard to live with.

Saxophone Chorus:
G    F    G    F    G    F    G    F

Verse 2:
Satisfy my need(come over),Won`t be that easy(come over),
You gonna have to try a little harder baby(come over),
A little harder to please me.

Saxophone Chorus:

G    F    G    F    G    F    G    F

Verse 3:
Why tell me no?(come over),When what you mean is yeah yeah(come over),
You`ll have to tell me what you want me to do `cause(come over),
You can`t expect me to guess.

Saxophone Outro:

Note:Just play the G & F pattern through out!
(it`s much nicer on Guitar One).
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