Ufo - Terri chords

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UFO  Terri  
Hi all from Paris France. Transposed in D for my voice.I Love this song.

D           Bm              A     
Terri every time we talk we just disagree
D               Bm             A     
Every chance we had is passing by
D          Bm                 A     
The simple things you say all drift away into the night
D               Bm                A     
So don't let me know what I can't see

D   A        G    D     
Ter-ri is it over again
Bm      A              D           G   
Lost in love everybody laughing at me
D                A          Bm                     G
With eyes like a child  you smile when you hit the tide
D           A              Bm       G
Holding me captive for the world to see

D     Bm                   A     
Every now and then I'd see that wild look in your eyes
D               Bm                   A     
It's in all the long shots that we tried
D          Bm             A     
We used to hold on tight, run for the night
D            Bm              A     
How far we'd go we couldn't see


Em        F#m        G              
Every day goes by we get further and further away
Em      F#m            G              
Conversations end with nothing much to say
Em      F#m                     G              
Maybe we've made a mistake it's too late we'll never know
Em      F#m                           D              
We can't change it girl 'cause I just have to go

[INSTRUMENTAL] Em [ch]F#m/G[/ch] D  x4             

D        Bm              A     
On these lonely nights I reach out for your love
D           Bm                 A     
This empty room feels cold and bare
D           Bm              A     
Then I'll try the phone and swallow my pride
D       Bm                   A     
It's no good we've tried and tried

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