Unbunny - Nightwalking chords

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Intro: C

C                  Am
I've been known to walk at night
Where streetlights end
And dark begins
    C                Am
And lately i've been occupied
     F                        G
With things i should have left behind
C                 Am
All my shortfalls notwithstanding
F              G
I could give a lot to you
C                   Am
Press this dream up muddy river
Underneath the drowsy moon

Am  G  C  x2

C                  Am
I've been seen out all alone
     Em                 G
Past grocery stores and mobile homes
  C                   Am
Beyond the glow of industrial parks
      Em                 G
Where laundromats spin broken hearts
C             Am
Out among the powerlines
Em                  G
Things don't always turn out fine
          C               Am
There's a message in this nursery rhyme

Am  G  C  x2
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