Union Sqaure - Deceit chords

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Em-C-G-D 2 times

Em                         C                D
i'm thinking of what i have done and what to do
Em            C          G   D   Em                        C        D
Did i mean to expose you,        think i can ignore it can leave it supose
Em                                   C               G     D
There were a million ways to play it different but i chose

Em                   C        G  D  Em                     D         Em
To pull that trigger bring us to an end, can't you see i'm sorry  my friend
Em            C             G    D   Em                          D
I wasn't even aiming when i shot you down, there's nothing i can change now 

come on!

Same as intro 2 times

Second verse:
Em                        C                 D
Maybe i am just as bad as this have made me feel
Em                              C          G     D
Spoiled the reputation with the secret i reavealed 
Em                                C                 D
making friends and fail them yea, that's the way it goes
Em                                   C               G    D
there were a million ways to play it different but i chose


Am      D      G                   D            Am7
Can you keep a secret when there's no one i can turn to
Am     D         G          D            Am7
Do you trust me, i am on my knees and i deserve it


Em                          Am           D               Em  
So much for friendship it's over now and i am the one to blame
Em                           Am              D                       G   D
It kills me with thinking of how i failed to follow the rules of the game
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