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United Live - Im Not Ashamed tab

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I'm not ashamed by Hillsong United

Intro: C-G-D (6x) Em-G-C-Am (4x)

Verse 1: 
Em  G    C      Am  
When You found me 
Em  G    C       Am    
My whole world changed 
Em  G     C      Am  Em  G  C  Am 
I'm redeemed by life  
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Verse 2: 
Em  G      C   Am 
Let the earth see 
Em  G       C   Am 
You are freedom 
Em  G       C    Am       Em  G  C  Am 
Turn my darkness to light 

C                 G         
You welcomed me in 
     D       C 
With open arms 
       G       D 
Into unending life 

G                      D        
I'm not ashamed of the gospel Lord 
      Em                    C 
Your power, your Love has saved my soul now 
G     D    Em 
I'm alive You  
I'm living the rising son. 

Em  G  C      Am   
I'm living the rising son.

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