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Unknown Hinson - Your Man Is Gay chords

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Unknown Hinson - Your Man Is Gay

Chords: John Tyree

A beautiful Song by a real American Hero.

It's pert' near 12 O'clock
Do yo know where you husband is?
    Dm7                           G
You don't know where he's run off to
        G7                         C
And you don't know who's he runnin with

You say he never holds you tight
And he hangs out at that spot each night
         Dm7                     G
You wait up for him but he don't show
            G7                             C
Well darlin', there's smoethign you should know

Your man is gay

As a goose, darlin'   (?)
C                   Asus4 A7
Gay, and that's the truth darlin
  Dm7               G                C
I hate to break the news to you this way
But, your man is gay

As a donned apparel.
C           Asus4   A7
Gay, he's a flamin' arrow
Dm7            G
heads up, babe, your man is gay.

You say he reads a lot of muscle magazines
He likes antiques and french cuisine
           Dm7                            G
Well darlin, don't you know what all this means
             G7             C
He's runnin' low on tostesterine

His favorite part of the super bowl
Is the locker room interviews
     Dm7            G
Well just add 2 and 2,
Hey darlin', it's time you got a clue

Chorus out
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