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Unni Wilhelmsen - Wont Go Near You Again chords

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Won`t Go Near You Again 
- Unni Wilhelmsen ( Capo i 2. band ) 


Yes, all that you've given me, 
I know! 
C                    G/H
But all you cost me , 
you know? 
F                     C
Sums is up to nothing much you know 
E7              Am
Nothing much at all 
Am               E7
To live from, anyways 
Am           E7
hardly to survive... 
   C            Dm        Am
So I won't come near you again 
Now, You can bet your life 
C            G/H         Am - F
I can't come that close again 
C          Dm
I won't go near you 
                C/E          F       Dm - Dm9
I don't think I even want to see you 


C                            F
Sorry for not being what you needed 
C                       G/H
For not possessing what you 
think you want 
F                       C
Don't know 'bout anyone who does by the way 
       E7               Am
That's why you're still you 
Am             E/H
Still with yourself 
Am/C               E7
While I am someone else... 
C            Dm
I won't come near you again... 

‘Cause the past is stronger 
than my will to forgive 
C                   G/H                Am
Why did you need my hand, my hand that night 
F                       C
What did you mess up my systems for 
             E7                Am
Well, if you really know me so well 
Am                  E7
Tell me which part  loved 
          C              E7
And which one I hate the most 
       Am                G/H
Did it get you ready for later 
           Am/C                 E7
Or did the others fade out like me? 
C                  Dm        Am
Well, I won't come near you again... 

Ever again 
Never again 
Never again,baby
Never again, I said
Never again
Ever again

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