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Unspoken - My Recovery chords

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Hope everyone likes it, and God Bless
Capo 2nd fret

Verse 1:
            G                      D/F# 
There was a light that found me in darkness
            Em              C
Failing and hopeless barely alive
                  G                  D/F#
And for the first time I saw your perfection
        Em                     C
In my reflection there in your eyes

Pre Chorus:
D/F#        G
My feet are on the ground
Em          C
My heart is beating now
D/F#          G                C
Your love has showed me how to live

You're my recovery
Changing who I was
To who I'm meant to be
Healing all that's broken
As you wash me clean
Oh you set me free
          Em           C
You're my recovery

Verse 2: 
              G                   D/F#
This is the day that I'm starting over
              Em                   C
I'm taking is slower one step at a time
And the're all the way
But you're here to guide me
Your spirit's inside me 
and it's changing my mind

(Pre Chorus)


(D/F#  G  Em  C) 2x

D/F#           G
Clear eyes now I can see
Em            C
Your truth in front of me
D/F#      G             C      Em
I am and always will be loved


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