Useless Id - Same Story Someone New tab

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Same story, someone new - Useless ID

(No vacation from the world)

Tabbed by Scorf


Asus4 A F#sus4 F#m  |
Bsus4 Bm A E        | X 2
F#m F#m7 C#m Bm D E |

A          E             F#m                 C#m
Same story here it goes, more hard times falling in love.

D             E                      A       E
Even the best doesn't seem to please me.

A          E     F#m            C#m
A guardian angel left my broken heart in hell.

D               E                A       E
I thought I was over it, but I'm not.

D            E            A     E       F#m
Sometimes on Valentine's, I get someone new in mind.

D                   E   Asus4 A Esus4 A
I think I've fallen for the wrong girl.

That time of year again, when relationships all end.

I find myself with my friends alone again,

feeling down on God Knows what?

I don't even care about doing the right thing too many times (when I should).

D        E                   A      E         F#m
The past repeats itself. The future brings me someone else.

D                 E              F#m          Esus4 A
I wish it was all different but, for now I'll manage.

D            E             A       E     F#m
Somehow with what Iv'e got,hold on to it til it's gone

D                   E    Asus4 A Esus4 A Asus4 A Esus4 A
And mabye then I'll find the right one.

                               Asus4     A F#sus4    F#m

D|---2---2--------2-|   D       E

A                   F#m C#m     D              A        E
This concludes with my life and now I hope you get well soon.

A               F#m C#m     D              A        E
Mabye we'll meet again next year We'll all be here

A                   F#m C#m     D              A        E
This concludes with my life and now I hope you get well soon.

Mabye we'll meet again next year.
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