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Usher - His Mistakes tab

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Tabbed by Joel Vincent,

Standard Tuning
No capo

C#m - x46654
C# - x46644
B(2) - x24422
Asus2 - x02200
B - x24422
A - x02220

C#m         C#             B(2)
    Do I remind you of the pain
That he put you through, girl
C#m             C#            B(2)
    Is that the reason Iím to blame
Before I do itÖ
C#m               C#
Is it because he, treated you so badly
B(2)                  Asus2
I always stand accused
C#m                  C#
Protecting yourself, from somebody else
B(2)                  Asus2
Iím not whoís hurting you

         C#m            C#       B          A
And itís killing me girl you compare me to him
 C#m                     C#
Always guilty before the sin
        B            A
I canít win, I canít win

Chorus (C#m, C#, B(2), Asus2)

Iíll do anything to prove I love you
Baby girl would I refuse to
Pay for something I didnít do
I love you, girl
But I refuse to stay
Paying for his mistakes

I think theres a key change in the bridge but I've been to lazy to figure that out, sorry :'(
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