Val Doonican - Ring Of Bright Water chords

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			     RING OF BRIGHT WATER - Val Doonican
Tabbed by:Dr__Horrible


Here is Val's Web site :

Hi there, couldn't find these so though i should post them.
My first real attempt at doing this so, yer any advice would be nice.

I never really strum the whole chord i play the bottom four notes i.e.

| Bm | A | G | 

      Bm             A         G       A     Bm
Where sun and wind play on a ring of bright water
  Bm                E        F#m
That's where my heartland will be
     Bm          A           G         A    Bm
The deer on the hill in the first snow of winter
      G          A           Bm
the gull in the sky winging free

      Bm     A             G       A     Bm
I wandered away from the dark crowded city,
  Bm           E      F#m
Leaving my old life behind,
     Bm          A           G       A      Bm
And came to a place where a ring of bright water,
   G          A           Bm
Dazzled the care from my mind.
     Bm              A            G          A     
So I live with the wonder of the sky and the sea
     Bm              A            G          F#m  
And I'll always remember who revealed them to me

    Bm            A             G         A     Bm
But now you are gone with your whirlpools of laughter
 Bm         E       F#m
Racing me down to the sea
   Bm          A           G        A     Bm
But I always smile when a ring of bright water
   G           A        Bm
Echoes your laughter to me.
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