Vampire Weekend - Jonathan Low chords

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Vampire Weekend - Jonathan Low
Tabbed by - eiim (

Capo 1st fret

Intro: D A   (x4)

 D                 A   D                A
Last born of the clan first one to be free
 D              A        D                  A
Lived inside a house, beneath the hangin' tree
 D           A            D                 A
Londonderry nights that chilled him to the bone
 D                   A       D            A
Words were cried at night in unforgiving tones

  Bm         Fm       G
Blood of his men was gone beneath snow
    Bm            Fm            G
He picked up his knife and his bow
 A                  D
Killer of Jonathan Low

Bm   A    D
Bm   A    D
G   A
D   A   (x4)

 D                A       D              A
Violence from without and anger from within
  D                   A     D                  A
Crawling through the fields informin' next of kin
  D                    A          D                A
They all turned their backs but they all knew his name
    D              A            D              A
And if he could return they'd probably do the same




Bm   A    D
Bm   A    D
G   A
D   A   (repeat and end with D)
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