Vamps - Wildheart chords

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Wild Heart by the vamps :D 

This song does NOT have 
a capo but is originally 
tuned a semi tone down but 
sounds okay in standard tuning. 

Bm     G       A
I was walking away,
                D          Dsus2   A
But she's so beautiful it made me stay
Bm       G        A
I don't know her name,
                D    Dsus2        A
But I'm hoping she might feel the same
So here I go again,
She got my heart again!

G             D
Tonight we'll dance
         A                Bm      A
I'll be yours and you'll be mi...ine
G               D
We won't look back,
Bm                       A      Bm            
Take my hand and we will shi...ine
Oh, oh, oh
She needs a wild heart
She needs a wild heart
Bm        A
I got a wild heart

Instrumental: Bm,G,A,D,Dsus2,A.

Hope you enjoy feel free to Email me if you need anything :D 
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