Van Der Graff Generator - Darkness 11 11 chords

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I think these are the lyrics just gone 
and played with the song a few times 
and they match fine, the intro and outro 
is repeated about that many times....

Intro: E C D E [x2]


E               C              D         E
Day dawns dark, it now numbers infinity.
E                          C
Life crawls from the past, watching in wonder
D                       E
I trace its patterns in me.
A          G         
Tomorrow's tomorrow is birth again.
G7              A#
Boats burn the bridge in the fens;
A                    G             G7
the time of the past returns to my life
E   F  G  A  E
and uses it.


E              C                        D             E   
Don't blame me for the letters that may form in the sand;
E                              C
don't look in my eyes, you may see all the numbers
     D                     E
that stretch in my sky and colour my hand.
A                  G
Don't say that I'm wrong in imagining
G7                   A# 
that the voice of my life cannot sing.
A               G            G7
Fate enters and talks in old words:
E    F  G  A   E
they amuse it.


Solo: E F G A E [x5]


E                      C
Hands shine darkly and white;
D                    E
only in dark do they appear.
E              C
Bless the baby born today,
D                E
flying in pitch, flying on fear.
A                G   
They shine in my eyes and touch my face
G7                     A# 
where I have seen them placed before;
A                               G          G7   
don't blame me, please, for the fate that falls:
E  F       G     A   E
I did not choose it.
E          F           
I did not, no, no, I did not,
G               A      E
I truly did not choose it.


Outro: E F G A E [x6]
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