Van Morrison - Whenever God Shines His Light tab

Van Morrison - Whenever God Shines His Light


G     320033
C     x32010
D     xx0232
Em    022000
Bm    x24432
Am    x02210

Piano theme (almost throughout the entire song)


          G                       C
Whenever God shines his light on me
            D              G
Opens up my eyes so I can see
            G                  C
When I look up in the darkest night
              D                    G
I know everything's going to be alright
            G                   C
In deep confusion, in great despair
             D                   G
When I reach out for him he is there
           G               C       
When I am lonely as I can be
             D                       G
I know that God shines his light on me 

               Em            Bm
Reach out for him, he'll be there
                Am     C           G       
With him your troubles   you can share
        Em                Bm
If you live the life you love
              Am     C        G 
You get the blessing   from above
              G                  C
He heals the sick and heals the lame
              D                  G
Says you can do it too in Jesus name 
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