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Van Morrison - Queen Of The Slipstream tab

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Artist: Van Morrison
Album: Poetic Champions/Best of Van Morrison

Queen of the Slipstream - Great Song by the Old Master
Tabbed by Lewis Strong

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Tuning: Standart tuning (EADGBE)

Chords Used:    
                E A D G B E
	E	0 2 2 1 0 0
	B       2 2 4 4 4 2
	A       0 0 2 2 2 0
 Bridge E       7 7 9 9 9 7
 Bridge B       7 9 9 8 7 7
 Bridge A       5 7 7 6 5 5
	F#m	2 4 4 2 2 2

Played to harmonise with the harp.  

   E   B    B --> A 	

Introduction: E B A
           E                 B          A
You're the Queen of the slipstream with eyes that shine
E                      B           A
You have crossed many waters to be here
E                      B           A
You have drank of the fountain of innocence
E                    B                A
And experienced the long cold wintry years.

There's a dream where the contents are visible
Where the poetic champions compose
Will you breathe not a word of this secrecy, and
Will you still be my special rose?

F#m        E
Goin' away far across the sea
F#m         E
But I'll be back for you
F#m       E
Tell you everything I know
F#m       E             B  A
Baby everything is true

Will the blush still remain
On your cheeks my love
In the light always seen
In your head?
Gold and sliver they placed
At your feet my dear
But I know you chose me instead

Bridge:  Bridge Chords E B A x4

Chorus Repeat

You're the Queen of the slipstream I love you so
You have crossed many waters to be here
And you drink at the fountains of innocence
An experience you know very well

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