Vandaveer - Grace And Speed chords

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Simple but beautiful song. If youre not fond of doing barre chords, you can Capo 2 and 
G, Em and C shapes instead of the A, F#m and D shapes used when playing open.

Grace and speed.

I wanna shoe box big enough to fill with stars,
So I can tell my age from any point in space and say with certainty,
That you’re only as old as you choose,
Long as you spin you really got nothing to lose,
And I gave a picture to an architect in June,
Asked if he could build a tower big enough to poke through the atmosphere,
So I could climb in record time upto the moon,
See the earth from a different point of view.

You came along and asked why the world’s so blue,

All I could offer up were theories I could never prove When science fails

We ask ourselves what good is truth if it’s not true,

Still were only as blue as we choose.

Well I’ll pick a planet and you can pick a star,

We’ll plot our points together we can travel very far our path is winding,

We can’t rewind but if we move with grace and speed,

We’ll watch it all again from depths we’ve never dreamed.

Oh I wrote a story and I put it to a tune,

And all the words are easy and the movement, how it moved, it really moved me,

Let it move you, I saw your tears,

We may be ageing but we shouldn’t count in years.

the ahh ahh ahh bits used E for teh higher parts, just listen.
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