Vandaveer - Drunkards Doom chords

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This is a very old American Folk song about the Temperance Movement. It is not recorded 
frequently, however Vandaveer does one of the best versions. These chords are very 
simple, so listen to the recording to get an idea of how to interpret the song.

At dawn of day, I saw a man
C               G
Stand by a grog saloon
C                   G
His eyes were sunk, his lips were parched;
G              Em
Oh, that's the drunkards's doom.

His little son stood by his side,

Then to his father said,

"Father, Mother lies sick at home

And Sister cries for bread."

He rose and staggered to the bar,

As oft he'd done before,

And to the landlord, smiling, said:

"Just fill me one glass more."

The cup was filled at his command;

He drank the poisoned bowl.

He drank, while wife and children starved,

And ruined his own soul.

A year had passed, I went that way,

A hearse stood at the door.

I paused to ask, and one replied,

"The drunkard is no more."

I saw the hearse move slowly on,

Nor wife nor child was there.

They, too, had flown to Heaven's bright home,

And left a world of care.
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