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hey evil janx here again, im not sure if this is right as this song is played
mostly with a piano, but it sounds pretty good, and is a great song

                               A Memory
                            VANISHING POINT
verse  1           Am          G            F        G
                   sometimes i sit alone in solitude
                   Am            G               F     G
                 i wonder how or why it all went wrong
                           Am                G    
                       the choices that i've made
                                  em            F
                     that sent me down a lonely road
                     Am                 G        F    Am G F G Am
                   a desolate path that seems so long

 chorus               another moment for the memory
                      another year i've left behind
                    another day is turning into night
                          overshadowing my mind
                         as i lie awake in wonder
                      another dream becomes so strong
                            and for the moment

                         i'd like to turn back time
                              G                         Am G F G Am
                      for all things that i'd done wrong

                      Am             G          F      G
verse 2               scattered photographs lay dormant
                       Am                G            F     G
                     depicting that i'll never be the same
                          Am          G
                         classify the times i've had
                                  em          F
                          they're about to be erased
                         Am          G           F
                         without you i'm left to blame
repeat chorus
                            i hear it calling
                               that memory
                            why is this hurting
                               inside of me
                          the cries that were heard
                             withered and died
                     Am             G
                     images of you, that you left behind
                                   Am     Am G F em F Am

                      Am                        G
                      i stand alone amongst the shame
                     with no one else to share the blame
                       i take a look inside i'll see
                      that what im touching can't be me
                         Am                       G
                         i feel the fire burn within
                                                   F em Am G F
                        i'm living a life in total sin

                           Am            G      F
                          im suffering in silence
                                      em F G  Am
                         can't anyone hear my cries

well thats it, i dont think its just right but it sounds pretty cool. enjoy.
  evil janx out for now
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