Vashti Bunyan - Where I Like To Stand chords

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[Dm] The hound bays, the sheep graze
I'm counting the [A] boats in the [Dm] bay
As they [G] float they seem to [A] say
[F] "I'm counting the waves, I'm counting the waves"
[Dm] The men in the boats
they wave to their [G] wives and [A] say
[Dm] "I'm counting the hours, counting the hours,
counting the [A] hours in the [Dm] day"

[Dm] I'm counting the gulls that sit on the waves
surrounding the [A] boats in the [Dm] bay
I'm counting the [G] miles 'till we're [A] there
where the [F] sun and the rain and the snow
Fall on the seeds and make them grow
Fall on the rocks and make them [Dm] crack
into pebbles and [G] into [A] sand
[Dm] Which is where I [A] like to [Dm] stand
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