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Verax - Time Wasters chords

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Intro Tab:


Em                         D
You think you control my mind
D                         C
Don't wanna get left behind
C                      D        Em
I'm dealing with fear inside
Em                        D
Watch me succeed this time
D                       C
Gotta find a place to hide
C                         D     Em
Don't make me say goodbye
(wasting time)
[Pattern repeats throughout verses.]

You dunno what you mean to me
Gotta find a place to be
Just give me a second to breathe
Who wants be my queen
Who wants to see what I've seen
Who wants to be where I've been

Em      D C            D     Em
Wasting Time, Wasting time

My mind feels like a sieve
Not a lot more to give
Especially when there's no one with me
I'm struggling and you know it true
Not a lot more to do
What's going on with you and me

Wasting Time x4

You think you control my mind
Don't wanna get let behind
I'm dealing with fear in inside (haha)

Wasting time x3
Stop wasting my time x4
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