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Verve Pipe - Cup Of Tea tab

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Tabbed by: Elizabeth (with help from BVA)

Tuning: normal

This is extremely simple.  Only four chords make up the entire song.

E, E(moved up), A, G

E* (for simplicity we'll call this E*)


E                 E*                              E
I'm visiting, the grounds a little weathered where I stood
E*                        A
Right field in my neighborhood
      G                  A
I was mostly last always least
Dig it

E     E*               E
   At graduation everyone
     E*                        A
will throw their hats into the sun
            G                      A
but they'll drop like flies to the sea
        G             E    E*  E  E*
this is not my cup of tea

    E                E*     E
its not, its not my cup of tea

E                E*                          E
and Valerie, the winter won't be keeping her around
    E*                    A 
I'm nailing leaves to the ground
       G                    A
but it feels like sand underneath
dig it.

E        E*                  E
   she's never letting me forget
     E*              A
I've always been a idiot
       G                   A
but at times like this I agree
         G             E    E*  E  E*
this is not my cup of tea

    E                E*     E
its not, its not my cup of tea

A           G                       A
Crash, in a wrinkle of steel we are gone
     G                   A
will my last breath be a yawn
G                       A
watching them sorting debris
         G            A
this is not my cup of tea

its not, its not my cup of tea......

(You can listen to the song yourself and figure out the exacts of
the chorus. you get the idea here, I'm sure. )
This tab was composed with help from Brian Vander Ark, I guess he
knows best, since he wrote the song. Go visit his website at:  You won't regret it. He rocks. Seriously.
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