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Verve - Bittersweet Symphony Acoustic tab

Bitter Sweet Syphony - Acoustic
The Verve

Written By Mick Jagger and Keith Richards
This acually sounds pretty good on Acoustic played  this way.

the chords are    E,   Bm7,  D,  A,  but are played up the neck.
You have to hit different parts of the chord to make it sound right,
meaning the actual chord progession is :

E,    E/G#,   E,....  Bm7, Bm7/F#, Bm7,...... D,  D/A,  D,..... A/C#,   A,   A/C#

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  E  E/G#     E	      Bm7, Bm7/F#, Bm7	      D,  D/A,  D 	A/C#,  A,   A/C#
e------7-----------------7---------7-----------5--------5 ---------0---------0--------|
b------9-----------------7----7----7-----------7--------7 ---------2---------2--------|

The underlying notes are

   B   G#  B    A  F#   A  D   A   D   C#  A  C#
e -------------------------------------------------|
b -12------12--------------15------15--14------14--|
g -----13------14------14------14----------14------|
d -----------------16------------------------------|
a -------------------------------------------------|
e -------------------------------------------------|

You can throw in some changes here and there to spice it up.

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