Vhs Or Beta - Bring On The Comets chords

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Been looking all over for these chords, so I figured I'd just figure them out myself. 
Sorry if theres errors, tried my best guessing!

Song: Bring on the Comets
Band/Artist: VHS or Beta

Standard Tuning
(chords used: C, F, G)

INTRO: C, F (4x)


C                 F
Suddenly, we were left

C                        F
    Without the worry of tomorrow

C                                F
    And comets fell from the sky

C                       F
    I took your breath, you took my sorrow

C, F (4x)


C                       F
You walked sad in a dream

C                                     F
   But count your days, boy, they are fading

C                       F
   You set a fire in my heart

C                                          F
  One chance in a lifetime was worth the waiting

  G                F
Let us go easy as we watch them hit the ground

G                                       F
When the light is gone, the memory of nothings left to sound

G                                        F
Memories, sweet whispers are all that we'll have left

G                                   F
So fall into these arms tonight and share this one last breath


C            F
Bring on the comets (3x)

C                           F                C           F
Bring on, bring on, bring on, bring on, bring on the comets (10x)

(you don't have to play the last part 10 times, it eventually fades, I just counted 
exactly how many times they sang it)
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