Vicky Beeching - Extravagant Worship chords

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KEy of E
standad tuning

C#m      A      E               B
Doesnít matter what people say 
C#m    A          E             B
I  for - get their watching eyes 
C#m  A          E       B
I  just want to bring to You
F#m7             E/G#
My most costly, my most precious 
A                    D     B
My most priceless sacri - fice 

      A    E/G#     B        C#m
Extra  -  vagant  wor - ship
A   E/G#        B   C#m
To  - tal     surrender 
A       E/G#   B    C#m
Reck - less abandon
F#m7              E/G#                         Bsus4
I pour out my love, I pour out my - self 

2.   Breaking open my thankful heart 
I release its praise perfume 
Here Iíll linger lifting to You 
Songs of wonder 
Songs of worship 
Songs of deepest gratitude 
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