Victoria Justice - Beggin On Your Knees chords

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I couldn't figure out the name of the mystery chord, so I'll just put it on here 
(And the other ones):
F- 133211
C-335553 (You can use the regular one, too. I just think this sounds better)
?- 113331

F              C                   Am                   ?
You had it all, the day you told me, told me you want me

F            C                    Am                  ?
I had it all, but let you fool me, fool me completely

      F         C                  Am       ?
Yeah, I was so stupid to give you all my attention
        F            C               Am          ?
Cause the way you played me exposed your true intentions

Chorus and other Verse: F,C,Am,?

I know I'm being bitter

But I'ma drive you under

Cause you just don't,

Don't deserve a "happy ever after"

but what you did to me

After you told me

      Am             ?
You never felt that way
it was only just a game

And that's it! :)
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