Victoria Justice - Youre The Reason chords

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 capo on 1st fret

intro:G,D,E,C x3

    G                          D
      I'dont wanna make a scene I'dont wanna let you down

    E                          C
      Trying to do my own thing trying to figure things out

     G                                 D
      And its allright keep it together where ever we go 
     E                                C
      and its alright wha wha whatever everybody needs to know

     G                               D
      you might crazy have I told you lately that i love you

     E                            C
      your the only reason that Im not affraid to fly

         G                      C                          
      and its crazy that someone could change me now no matter

     E                          C
      what it is I have to do Im not affraid to try and u need to know your
      the reason why

   Its how u play i over and over again
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