Victorious Cast - Its Not Christmas Without You chords

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intro: C  F  G x2
C                       Em
carolers singin', sleigh bells ringin
Am                   G
it's that time of year
C                         Em
everyone's toastin, chestnuts are roastin
D                     G
christmas time is here
somethins missin and im wishin
F                    G
wishin that its true
C                               Em                          
how much it would mean to spend this
F                              G
christmas time with you
so if you feel it coming
on this special day
just trust your heart
dont let your head get in the way
C                                 F
cause its christmas
              C                        F
and the start of somethin new
                 C               F
yeah its christmas
           C                      F
and i hope you feel it too
Am                      Ab
candy canes and mistletoe
C                         D
jack frost nippin at your nose
      F                    C
but all of it means nothin
            C                E
without you!
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