Vince Gill - Pocket Full Of Gold chords

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Didnt see the chords version on the site, only the tabs version, so I thought I would 
put them up.  An old classic country song by Vince.  Easy song to play.

Artist: Vince Gill
Song Title: Pocket Full Of Gold

Standard tuning

G                           C                          G
He slipped the ring off his finger when he walked in the room
                      C                            G
And he found him some stranger and promised her the moon
        C                   G
How many lies, you must have told

                  D          C                      G
You think you're a rich man, with your pocket full of gold

Verse 2

G                C                      G
For another man's treasure, you'd say any thing
                    C                               G
But is one night of pleasure worth the trouble you'll bring
             C                              G
Don't look so surprised, 'cause son I should know
             D        C                            G
I once was a rich man with my pocket full of gold


      D                               C                     G
Some night you're gonna wind up on the wrong end of a gun
Some jealous guy's gonna show up
          C                   D
And you'll pay for what you've done
            C                G
What will it say on your tomb stone

           D         C                      G
Here lies a rich man,with his pocket full of gold

                 D         C                      G
Yeah, here lies a rich man, with his pocket full of gold
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